January 1st, 2014

by Steven Townshend

Anointed Asleep

Buddha waits for spring.


2014 rolls in at the end of a month in which I took care of tasks that had been piling up since August. The fall was busy with freelance writing work, out-of-town guests, and a tornado–which visited the Starbucks where I had stopped to get coffee (I survived).


Had the day off. The wind blasted inland from the lake, driving stinging snowflakes into my eyes beneath the hood of my winter coat. A lady with a dog made for even ground across the basketball courts and through the park while I plodded through what looked like beach sand but turned out to be snowdrifts with sand patterns spun by the wind. Eventually I turned around and walked backwards against the wind, in order to get closer to the lake and the bike path that I soon learned had been completely covered by the snow. I wised up and followed the dog walker’s path over higher ground until at last I made it to the coffee shop (which was closed).


Having had some welcome down time in December, it’s time to get moving on the next project. What will that project be? Fiction? More freelance work? Even I don’t know, except that I’ll be insanely busy again before I can think twice about it. Let’s both stay tuned.


Wild Cards 1 has been collecting digital dust on my iPad ever since I bought it earlier this year. I’ve nearly finished Kurt Busiek’s excellent Astro City series, and in keeping with the superhero theme I’ve been exploring I plan to tear into Wild Cards next.

Stranger Than Fiction

Over the holidays, an alien being imparted me with the supernatural ability to stir-fry. This is the only reasonable explanation.

I’ll do my best to use this gift for the betterment of mankind.