January 22nd, 2014 (Quiet)

by Steven Townshend

Winter at Morse

Morse in winter.


Friday I took the day off work to drive Elizabeth to the hospital. Afterward, we drove around town and treated ourselves to all the places that have long lines on the weekends but nobody’s there at 3 in the afternoon. Hot Doug’s. Jenni’s Splendid Ice Cream. There are so many things to appreciate in this city if only you can take the time to appreciate them. 

Whenever the city digs its nails in, it’s worth taking a day off to explore the place while other people are occupied at work. Without the traffic and the competition, the city always feels peaceful and quiet on weekdays–outside of rush hour and outside the Loop. These days help to appreciate how beautiful it is, how much there is to do, how richly cultured it really is.


After a few days abroad the bitter, gusting cold returned and brought with it a fresh load of snow. A couple little stories that I didn’t properly feed yesterday are begging for sustenance today. I’m a bad story parent though, and feel like starting another story to distract me from the ugly, noisy ones.


As old friends leave town to start their new lives in the West, we’ll celebrate the time we’ve had together and throw them a party. Their departure will leave a void we can never really fulfill, except we’ll spend more time with other friends new and old. Nothing stays the same, and that’s as much a blessing as a sorrow.


Spike Jonze’s new one, Her. I’d anticipated it from the first trailer. It was everything I hoped it would be and more, and I’ll bet it’s my favorite film I see all year. It was exactly my kind of movie.

Stranger Than Fiction

Our Internet died on Friday, but the next appointment we could get for a technician to fix it was on Tuesday. It’s amazing how much of our lives seem to revolve around a technology over which we have so little control.