May 9th, 2014 (Wavebrushed)

by Steven Townshend




It was a week of deadlines and struggling to complete them on time. After working all weekend and declining all plans with friends, I found myself at the breakfast counter on Saturday morning with a pair of cats staring wide-eyed at me. Realizing it had been too long since I’d seen another human being, I fled the house and played a board game with friends. That gave me the juice I needed to get through the rest of the week and get things turned in. I am a slow worker.


The sun has come back to the world. We’re in 70 and 80 degree days–it’s grill and margarita weather. The first day of this, I counted on my fingers the months we had until we had freezing temperatures again. Six. Six months. Better enjoy it while it lasts.


Two trips planned in the next 2 months, which means I need to hustle on deadlines and make sure I’m keeping up. It’s unlikely I’ll get much done while I’m away. Still, it’s the summertime after the longest, coldest winter I can remember. I plan to do my work and enjoy the weather–hopefully both at the same time.


I’m continuing with the Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser stories after a long break. Now on Swords Against Wizardry. Sometimes Fritz Leiber’s stories wander and I get a little lost in them. His ideas are fascinating, though. As many times as I get distracted, I’m caught up in some fantastic detail.

Stranger Than Fiction

For reasons I can’t explain I’ve been sampling iTunes previews of music made with ancient Egyptian instruments and ancient Greek instruments. The way to do this is probably through Spotify, but I feel like once I open Spotify on my computer it always wants to open, or remind me that it’s there. I finally uninstalled it because I was sick of it bugging me. So instead I preview these albums in iTunes via “Preview All,” which gives you about a minute of each track. And then I preview them all again. And again. And again. And after a dozen or more times I might buy them. For some reason I’ve been satisfied listening to just the 1 minute in the middle, though.